Without meaning any offense, evolution doesn't really need to be "supported," as it is a fact and not a popularity contest. With or without support, natural selection will continue to distinguish which progeny will survive and which will not, even if everyone on earth decides that God planted dinosaur bones in the… » 11/18/12 3:45am 11/18/12 3:45am

Also, let's be clear: in much of the world — including western Europe and thirty states in the US — sixteen is legal. Why is this so shocking? » 11/13/12 4:22pm 11/13/12 4:22pm

I'm just glad we have a white person around to explain how black people use words. Otherwise, we'd never know what they mean. #Whitesplaining » 11/11/12 5:27pm 11/11/12 5:27pm

Oh a daily basis, huh. Every single day. And they all have exactly six kids. And you checked the brand of their phones, I assume? Asked to see the Apple logo? Or is it juuuuuuuust barely possible that you're hyperbolizing just a little? » 10/10/12 8:20am 10/10/12 8:20am

Anytime someone starts with "I am a racist by no means." it's a signal that what is to follow is going to be grotesquely racist. And sure enough... » 10/10/12 7:55am 10/10/12 7:55am

Yes, damn those old people, thinking they have a right to things like Social Security and Medicaid, just because they paid into them for their entire lives. Or, y'know, disabled people who paid their premiums for disability insurance to the government, and now expect to get some of that back in the form of a handout… » 10/02/12 11:54pm 10/02/12 11:54pm